Testimonials from Our Clients

“I was able to work with an interior decorator, in my budget, get my room designed in under 3 weeks, and for it to come out beautiful. It was almost like they were in my home when the whole thing was done online. My decorator was very professional and personable. The process was comfortable and not stressful nor intimidating. Tiara was responsive, quick, thorough, and skilled. I’ve already shared my experience with my friends and colleagues, and they will be using the service. I will be using Richie Madison Interiors next for my master bedroom. Thank you for everything!!!”
-Kayla P. Annapolis, MD

“Where do I even start? This company is amazing! Richie Madison Interiors created a simplified process that allowed me to design my home quickly and gave me a professional and high end finish that I could never achieve when shopping and decorating on my own. The entire project was “dummy proof”, it was simple, and I was able to access my decorator quickly, and I always received a quick reply with exactly what I needed. I followed the instructions, and next thing you know I had a fully furnished and high end feel living room!! My living room is what I envisioned, but better.”
-Mariah R. Atlanta, GA

“It’s worth it, the whole process was easy, and my guests rave about my whole second floor. Thank you.”
-William L. Washington, DC

“I found about Richie Madison Interiors through social media and been following them for quite a while, so I decided to give them a chance. From the beginning to end, my decorator was extremely helpful, she designed the project where I only had to follow the instructions in the guide, and shortly after I had a living room that looked like a full on staff came in and gave me a HGTV makeover lol. I hired the contractors to do the job, but with the guidance and project execution on Richie Madison Interiors behalf, I didn’t have to think twice about anything and neither did my contractors. It was collaborative, she kept me updated quite often, she chose paint colors that I was scared to try, but turned out nice…..and I was able to get discounts on alot of my new furniture. I believe I saved over $2k in total. Best decision I have ever made.”
-Annette P. Alpharetta, GA

“I contacted this company because I have some design ideas, but I had no idea on how to put it all together. Instead of talking me up to a package, Tiara was able to speak to me on my specific needs to help choose a package that would work for me, which I appreciate alot! Some companies will talk you into getting the most expensive thing, but she actually evaluated me, and listened to my needs. Boy, was I blown away! I like the innovative idea of getting the high benefit of interior design online, and paying a fraction, and it’s simple. I have a professional looking bedroom, and it was done online. They even handled my shipping!! This has been an AMAZING EXPERIENCE BY FAR! What’s the point of hiring a in home designer, when you can do it online. I was also amazed how Tiara was able to incorporate my bedroom onto a 3d visual image. Looking at the 3D image it felt like I was standing in my room.. I’m just blown away!”
-Alana T. Upper Marlboro, MD

“I ordered a throw for my mom for her birthday, it came packaged nice and she loves it. I purchased the quick design help service because I’m very new to interior design, this is my first home, and I needed ideas. The call was very educational and I learned so much. I took notes the entire time we spoke and I have some work to do, and I think I’m going to hire this company to do the whole house. Tiara gave plenty of jewels and assisted me with everything on the call. Lovely personality, easy to speak to, customer service is A1, and I will be working with this company to design my home. I’m a single guy, and have no sense of design style, so I will let this company take care of it. Thank you for a good first time experience.”
-Rick R. Englewood, NJ

“The best experience ever. My husband and I are very grateful and happy. Thanks so much.”
-Shontel S. Seven Valleys, PA

“We just wrapped up our design concierge session. The amount of design help we got was phenomenal. Easy call, non intimidating, affordable, and extremely helpful for our remodel. Will refer your company and thanks again.”
-Christian P. Tampa, FL

“Richie Madison just wrapped up my first house flip here in Georgia. It’s been listed, and so far we’ve gotten 9 requests to view the property after it being up for one day. This has been a process and I wanted to save money with the whole remodel, but deciding to work with a decorator to help with the cosmetic appeal was the most rewarding decision. I have no sense of style with what’s on trend. I’m just breaking into this business, and this one looks like it will be a huge success and big return. Potential buyers are really attracted to the design, and it’s not even staged! Once I get this property off my hands, now I need you to do my home.”
-Kevin P. Atlanta, GA

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