Product Review: Odoban

Hey Everyone!  I had to take some time off from blogging for a specific goal I needed to achieve this month, and I reached it!  This week I want to give you all a product review on a cleaning product.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a clean freak and I like to keep a clean house, so I’m always looking for the best cleaning products to not only get the job done, but cleanses thoroughly and disenfects.


I believe that your home is your palace, your temple, your place of shelter, and it should  be kept up to standard, whatever your standard is.  With my family, I want us to be able to move freely, and know that we have a clean area to eat, sleep, lounge, and well…you know.  My mom always says, it’s good to keep a clean house because you never know when you can become sick, and immobile.  A clean home promotes confidence, it IMG_1669inspires you to do well (seriously), it just makes things a little better, and it feels good!  You have to look at things beyond what it is…onto the product review.

Odoban has been around, but I’m just getting hipped to it.  It’s a true disinfectant, claims to kill 99.9% of germs (like every disinfectant, nothing new), it’s safe to use in your kitchen, bathroom, floors, carpet (yes, carpet!), fabric, upholstery, bedding (I don’t recommend if you skin sensitivities like me, just wash your linens weekly).  I opted for the lavender scent, and I purchased it from Home Depot, for under $5 before tax.  Odoban was even considerate to give me a refill bottle.  I got my moneys worth.

Saturday I performed my deep cleaning, and disinfected the carpeted areas, countertops, and bathrooms with Odoban.  For my hardwood, I did not use Odoban.  It worked beautifully, and after cleaning, the house spelled like fresh lavender.  The smell does not last longer than a day, but it works well.  This is now deemed my go to disinfect and all purpose cleaner.

All in all, it was a great buy, I have a little yorkie running around, and this helps with disinfecting.  It’s inexpensive, it smells good, and the stuff that it kills is amazing.  Go cop yours, and let me know how you like it.  Odoban is approved, backed by Richie Madison Interiors, and is not sponsored!  Dhat way!


Tiara, xo

Richie Madison Interiors


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