An Interior Decorator Can Change Your Life

Before reading, this post is not to convince you to hire a design professional for your home.  In fact, I don’t want you to hire one.  I want you to first see the value, and understand the new height a design professional can take you…don’t hire one just yet or reach out to my company, Richie Madison Interiors, to inquire about design services when you don’t know the true value.  I don’t think any design professional should sale you on the world of interior design, but help you figure out why you dont have one in the first place.  The reason you don’t have one is because you don’t understand it, and see no value in it.  That’s about to change.

Welcome to the World of Design


People hire interior designers and interior decorators for one thing, and one thing only…they need help with their home.  Simply put.  Many people have the dilemma of not knowing which color they should paint the walls, should you use wall coverings, how can I incorporate my grandma’s 1937 chest into my current decor, which flooring will look good in the living room, how can I rearrange this room, and then you have my close to heart clients who have no idea what they’re doing and just need someone and someone quick to master the job, and well.  You also have those that have disposable income and rather have the decorator take over and cover the whole thing from top to bottom.


When was the last time you purchased something for your home?  Think about it.  Think about the time you saw a pic on Instagram with those magazine-worthy staged homes and said “I like that, I’m going to reinvent that look for my home”.  You go out and buy all this stuff, yes stuff, and you put it all in a room, and it doesn’t seem quite finished.  Then, you go out buy more decor, set it in the room…as you’re look at that magazine-worthy Instagram pic, and you find something is still missing!  Are you still following me?  Don’t exit out this post just yet…wait, there’s more.  Now that you’ve purchased all of this decor, spent hundreds, sometimes thousands on “stuff”, and the end result is you tieeed, defeated, and officially done!  Now, you’re unhappy, you try to grow and “become one” with the room, but you and I both know it was a fail.  Sometimes, you refuse to hire a decorator because you want to save money and attempt to do it yourself, but you fail to realize that you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on your own and time that you can’t get back.  Sounds familiar?  Or the person who tried something new who likes silvers, but purchased gold furnishings…then quickly realized it isn’t for them with money wasted.

DID YOU KNOW:  Working with some design professionals can allow you to save money on
decor and furnishings?  You will have access to trade only vendors, discounts at your favorite top retailers, and exclusive products that aren’t available to the general public.


Investing in interior design and decorating is probably one of the greatest decisions you can make after you’ve closed on your new home, new build, or signed the lease and bagged those keys!  The takeaway value is you coming home to a well designed home, that then affects your mood.  Face it, when home is in order, we just do better, we succeed even at the smallest things.  Who doesn’t want to come home to a home that makes them feel good, exudes a level of security and confidence, and imminent style.  You have to understand the value and see it.  I’ve never had not one client tell me that working with me was a fail or a huge mistake.  Have you not seen our testimonials?


After the deed is done, you walk away with a home that is everything you never thought it can become.  You find yourself attached to your home.  Your home begins to not just feel like a place where you just live to sleep and eat, but it becomes an experience.  Life is about experiences, create one everyday in your home.

People hire designers and decorators to help them achieve a look they had in mind, but gives them a look they didn’t even know they wanted.

When you’re ready to make the investment in your home, and ready to work with Richie Madison Interiors to change your life aesthetically, lets get you started!  You can view our design packages here.

Tiara, XO

Richie Madison Interiors



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