How to Buy Lighting Online

When it comes to shopping for home decor it can be exciting because the end result is a well designed home that exudes everything of you flowing through…except before reaching the end result, you forgot what it takes to get there.  Okay, so shopping for home decor is one thing, but shopping for lighting is a whole new thing, especially when done online.

Shopping online for lighting is probably the best choice you can make when shopping for such thing.  You can find amazing deals, custom designs, very high end looks opposed to what you may find in store, basically, you’re going to find some out of this world lighting systems.  When you’re working with an interior decorator you can catch even better deals on lighting through our discounts and relationships with your favorite retailers and our personal rolodex of vendors hot off the wire!   As you should know, lighting makes the home…the temperature, the lighting system, and of course the aesthetic of it…keep reading as I give you my personal pro tip, and helpful list of questions to ask before dishing out that coin!

So you ask, how to buy lighting online?

Research the Company

Make sure you can find some kind of track record on the company you plan on shopping with.  You can’t just invest in lighting from any company because you have to make sure they’re legit and not some here today gone tomorrow company.  Look for industry standard or online seller certifications that are displayed on the site.

You have Homework!

Ask yourself these questions before investing.  Lighting isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be something you take lightly.

What look do I want?  Source out some photos of lighting that peaks your interest.  Everyone does it, don’t feel guilty, go stalk your favorite home decor or interior decorators page on Instagram and “save” some of their images for inspiration.

What functionality will it serve?  You have to understand the purpose the lighting will serve.  Maybe you don’t need a chandelier, perhaps you just need crystal pendants above your kitchen island.

What don’t I like?  Figuring this out will make your life simplier.  Clients think just because it looks super appealing on Amy’s picture on Instagram that it would look nice in Alexa’s home…

How much are you willing to invest?  Figure out your investment to help you minimize the risk of overspending.  Create a realistic budget, and understand how much goes into good quality lighting.




-Take measurements.  I can’t stress how important it is to measure your area where the lighting will be placed.  Measure the “speed of light”…(I’m a Coldplay fan…Speed of Sound!), and what I mean by this is understand where the light will hit, what’s going to catch it, and where it will stop.




When shopping for lighting you want to take your time, and consult with a professional if you find yourself undecided or uncertain.

If you need assistance with lighting, would like to source some options through Richie Madison Interiors, and save some money too, you can reach out us for personal shopping.  If you need design help on the full scope of color, lighting, and flooring, you should consider investing in our affordable Color Consulting service.

Richie Madison Interiors

Tiara, xo


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