Part 1: 10 Questions on your Design Dilemmas

Hey Riches!  So, last week I asked for you guys to send me questions through Instagram DM and I will answer them on a blog post.  I asked you to send questions regarding any home decor blunders you all face for your own DIY projects, or just a general question relating to interiors.  Below I respond to all the questions!  I hope this is helpful to you all…I’m sure this will not only help the person that asked the question, but someone out there that has the same dilemma.  Let’s do this!

1. How do I choose flooring for my open concept?

A.  For open concepts, you can have a mix of two flooring types (carpet/hardwood, tile/hardwood, tile/carpet).  Carefully choose coordinating floorings.  It should coordinate well, and be of the same flow.  Your kitchen and dining can be hardwood, while your living area can be carpet.

2.  I want to start decorating, but I have no idea where to start or which room to begin.  Help!!

A.  When starting to decorate your home, you want to have a plan together.  You should never attempt to tackle 3 rooms at one time.  Start with figuring out the look and feel you want.

3.  I’m thinking about contacting you for your services because I’m sold!  What’s the difference between e-interior design and regular interior design?

A.  E-Design is a simple, far more approachable, convenient, virtual design option offered to give clients the opportunity to create a custom room design without retaining  traditional interior design.  The same process as traditional interior design, with e-design we have the ability to design you custom space that meets your lifestyle, personal style, and budget, all virtually!  The only differences are, we’re not physically in your home and it’s more cost effective.  All of our communication is virtual through our messaging tool whereas your decorator is available to be reached on demand.  Let’s get you started on your project!  If you have more questions on if e-interior design is a good option for you, reach out to me here.

4.  I moved into an older home because of location and price.  I want to upgrade the home, but I don’t know what to do to keep the “charm”, but bring it up to date.

A.  Older homes have such history and like you said, that charm that you can’t get from the new builds today.  First, you’d want to focus on the things you like about the home.  You want to also evaluate things you don’t like much.  The things you do like, accentuate those elements and modernize them.  It still will have that old charm, but just more up to date.

5.  I have a rental property that is in bad condition, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the fixes.  What do you recommend?

A.  With a rental property you run the risk of allowing people in your home and possibly ruining it…been there before!   I’m not saying invest in high end finishes, but you want to get a presentable look on a budget.  If flooring is an issue, I suggest getting laminate throughout the property.  Carpet should be replaced after every tenant, which can be costly, so laminate will allow you to clean without having to replace it as often.  They have some really nice laminate options these days.  I also want to point out that you should not just focus on cosmetics, but look at the internal.  Is your rental property well kept?  If you need recommendations, contact me, and I can help you further.

6.  What can I do to make my home feel more spacious.  It’s a small space, but cozy.

A.  One word, mirrors.  Second word, aesthetics.

7.  I change my home around a lot, I can never settle on one look…what’s your solution to this?

A.  I imagine that you spend a hell of a lot on decor, don’t you?  I bet you’re always in Home Goods, and you just buy a bunch of stuff.  My solution is learn how to shop, invest in our personal shopping or purchase my ebook to offer you some major assistance.

8.  What do you recommend for Spring decor?

A.  Always keep a fresh set of flowers on hand.  Switch out your accent pillows with more softer tones, and get you some lighter scented candles.

9.  Should I get blinds or curtains?

A.  I get this question a lot when decorating for my clients.  You can opt for faux wood blinds, or you can get a nice drape.  It depends on your current decor and style.  Just don’t get the aluminum blinds from the 90s.  No cut fingers!  Another major thing, make sure your drapes touch the floor.

10.  How can I get the perfect bedding on a budget?

A.  Read this post, and there’s your answer!  Good bedding is a must.

I enjoyed answering questions from my followers!  There were some really good questions, and I hope I gave you all really good answers.  Next week, I’ll have part 2 of the questions up.  I still haven’t forgot that product review of that Benjamin Moore paint…I’m still stuck  on it if I like it or not.

If you’re having any personal design challenges, you can always reach out to me by email (  If you would like to start your own design project with me and settle your design dilemmas once and for all, then let’s get started!  You can start here


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