How to Shop for Home Decor and Furnishings

Hey Riches, I know I’ve been slacking on the blog posts.  I feel like this is beginning to be my opening statement too often.  I’m working on getting back on track!  I have a good excuse though, well, maybe not the best excuse, but I’ve been working on some amazing projects, and I will be sharing them with you all soon.  Now onto the content…

The Art of Shopping

img_1285Shopping for home decor is like shopping for clothes…it’s a whole world of design out there, and if you’re not careful you can overspend very quickly or you can buy a roomful of items, and none of it makes sense.  Remember that time you purchased something for your home, it was nice, but then weeks later you see a picture of what could have fit better…you threw away the receipt, removed the tags, and now you’re pretty much stuck with it…until you go out and buy more, then it becomes an ongoing cycle to where you’re just not pleased with the way your room looks.  We’ve all been there before whether it be with shopping for clothes, shoes for an occasion, groceries, or home decor.  Don’t become victim.

Sometimes we pick up things we just don’t need all because we saw it on Instagram, let’s be honest here.  We see these photos of beautiful and lavish interiors knowing they had a professional create the look or we find interiors that doesn’t relate to our lifestyle.  “Designing for Your Lifestyle”…look out for that blog post in the coming weeks.

There is an art to shopping.  With all the well lit showrooms, the textures, the colors, the average shopper can go crazy in a store like that without guidance, and a strict and strategic game plan.  So, you ask how to master that art?  Keep reading below.

How to Shop for Home Decor and Furnishings

Step 1: Evaluate the room

Step 2: Take inventory of colors, lighting source, structure, and items in the room that cannot be changed or unable to be changed at that moment

Step 3: Look for inspirational images, and leave it as inspiration

Step 4: Create a budget

Step 5: Create a list with the stores those items can be found, within budget

Step 6: Stick to the game plan

Step 7: Shop…with caution!


Sure, it seems easier said than done.  I get it.  Like I mentioned above, shopping is an art.  I’ve had clients prior to reaching out to me waste thousands on furnishings.  It can be nearly heartbreaking.  Though, not every person needs a personal shopper or interior designer, but it’s a damn good consideration.  It will help with cutting costs, helping you save money from costly mistakes, you will receive a professional opinion, it takes the guessing game away, it will allow you to focus on the more minor things than how to decorate your room.

If you need design assistance, and would like to consider working with Richie Madison Interiors for your personal shopping and/or designing your room from start to finish, reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to assist.  We have design services for that!  You can even set up a consultation with us if you need help with figuring out which service best suits your needs.



xo, Tiara


Featured Image, courtesy of Bradley USA, our partners!  The “Zara” chair.  Shop this item through Richie Madison Interiors


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