As We Enter the New Year…

Good morning, Girls!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time spent with family, great food, and I hope you all have done some giving this year.

As we enter the new year, 2017  (sounds pretty official and exclusive), we have to remember that we can do all the physical changes, but what about our mental changes?  I’m no certified therapist, but when I tell you that when I’m working with a client on their new home, I am their therapist for that length of time on the project.  It’s just that I focus more on the aesthetics and how it relates to our mentality.

Time to Declutter

Declutter your life, detox yourself from toxic people, toxic products, and toxic environments.  Let’s start with our home.  Take a look at your bedroom, your bathroom, your living room, kitchen.  Is it a place that is clutter free?  Physical clutter in a space has been proven to create a cluttered mind.  Perhaps you’re dealing with something, and at that moment your life is full of clutter.  Just like how we dress up or dress a certain way to make us feel better.  We also can’t forget that not only do we need to dress up our person to feel good, but dress up our homes and create the environment that we want to live in, or the environment that we deserve.

The Way We Keep Our Home is A Direct Reflection of Who We Are

Your home is a reflection of you, so make it a great one.  Like I mentioned above, if we have a home full of clutter, our lives are cluttered.  Structure and organization creates an organized life.  Even the aesthetics, the use of color, the way things are furnished in your home, the layout, it affects our lifestyles, and our mentality.

As we enter this year, I want you to take a moment, and really examine your surroundings, your interiors.  Look at your closet, your bedroom your bathroom, your children’s room.  I want you to first understand that something has to change.  When you’re ready for change, you can reach out to me, Tiara, your personal decorator, and your unofficial therapist.  The first step is realizing there is a need, the next step is taking THAT step to fixing that need.

Always remember, the way we keep our home is a direct reflection of who we are.

If you would like to work with me on your next design project, you can start here.

Tiara, xo

Richie Madison Interiors


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