Design Your Best Life

It’s no secret that our environment shape our lives.  Think of it as fashion, when we dress well we feel good.  The same goes for our interiors.

Every day we wake up in our homes, start our day, then end our day in our home.  The moment we wake up we see our bedroom, the bathroom, then the kitchen, every single day.  I believe your home is a direct reflection of your soul.   You want to create yourself an experience each time you walk out those doors, and walk in those doors to your home.

Life According to How We Create It

Your home is your personal retreat.  Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, it’s yours and it has to be of you.  All of you should exist in every room, every wall, the floors, the decor, the artwork, the lighting.  Design the life you want through aesthetics.  When our home is tidy, it just feels refreshing to walk in and not have to pick up stuff along the way as you’re making your way up the stairs.

One thing that makes a strong impact on interiors, is lighting.  Windows are great because they bring in tons of natural light that stimulate the pituitary gland in our brains that almost works as an alarm system in our brains.  Even without the large windows, you can still illuminate your home well with bulbs or a good lighting system.  Good lighting increases energy, it creates a mood, a setting.

I made an Instagram post yesterday, and it said:

“The way we keep our home is a true reflection of us. A well designed and kept home creates a life full of content. Our environment defines the way we move, how we interact with people, our communication, our decisions…”

Interiors not only have to look good, but they have to feel good.

Tiara, xo

Richie Madison Interiors



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